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Friday, April 24, 2009

Recent Mentions of Love is an Orientation

Here are some recent mentions of Love is an Orientation:

1. It was brought to my attention yesterday that on Jim Wallis’ blog, God’s Politics, Brian McLaren wrote a post mentioning myself and Love is an Orientation (the same post also later showed up on Brian’s blog as well). I am much appreciative, but then in reading the comments section below the post on God’s Politics, I come to realize how much a bridge building ethic is actually needed.

Let’s keep plugging away.

2. Here is a blog post by Danielle Strickland—who is the head of the Salvation Army in Australia. Who knew someone in Australia was reading my book, let alone the head of the Salvation Army on the other side of the world? Praise the Lord.

3. Here is an email The Marin Foundation just received about the book:

I Have spent the past three days reading the new book: twice! Excellent, thoughtful & thought-provoking, inspiring, frustrating, at times overwhelming, exhilarating, scary, hopeful. And I need a third reading to take notes before I can digest it more! For now, thank you for all the possibilities that you are bringing to this subject. I saw myself throughout the pages of the book: 54 years old, Christian believer, gay, graduated from a Christian college, attended groups for many years in many different places, and I still feel caught in some kind of limbo land between worlds. I have read all the other books on this subject. Your book is a bridge, yes.
Thank you Sincerely!”

This is such a humbling experience. Thanks for sharing it with me through my blog!

If you have any thoughts or know of people reviewing or talking about Love is an Orientation, please feel free to let me know!

Much love.


Andrew Marin said...

Here is one I just got that touches me to my core:

"Love is an Orientation helped saved the lives of 12 Adult children who survied childhood sexual abuse and together have found a new respect for the Bible. Thank you Andy for helping save many people's lives more than you know. Amen!"

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all the blogs yet, but want those to know that there are those who went to very conservative schools who are supportive of gay Christians who are trying to serve the Lord, as well as gays of all stripes.
I want to go on record that a grad of Appalachian Bible Inst./College is very supportive of your work. ABC is not as conservative as BJU, but is friendly with them.
But don't assume all grads/students of such schools are against gays. Who knows, there may be a few attending there!

JDESJARD said...

I just recorded the second episode of my podcast, The New Creation Symposium. I mentioned to my co host on the show that I stumbled upon your organization and book and that God is using it to shape how we will do ministry through the podcast and blog. God is truly using you and your willing heart to serve!

God bless

Annette said...

Hi Andrew, Just a correction for you, Captain Danielle Strickland isn't the head of the Salvation Army in Australia - she's the Territorial Social Justice Director of the Australian Southern Territory.

Andrew Marin said...

Thanks for the correction Annette!

Andrew Marin said...

Here is another one that was just brought to my attention on the well known blog She lists Love is an Orientation first in her recommended reading section and says:

"Andrew Marin, a straight, evangelical man, immersed himself in the GLBT community in one of the most refreshing examples of incarnational ministry. This is the best book out there on how the Church can engage with the gay community. Love is an Orientation “elevates the conversation from genetics to gospel and builds a bridge between the two communities–a bridge that leads straight to the good news of Jesus Christ.” The author is founder of The Marin Foundation."

Humbled as I give God the glory in all things.

Anonymous said...

Your friends are humbled, too!
This is so wonderful. Let's hope & pray the message gets out.