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Monday, April 6, 2009

Love is an Orientation Out Ranks the Kama Sutra!!!

Ever since I was told that my book was on Amazon I checked it’s potential ranking categories to see who is bestselling in those areas…and the Kama Sutra was always the #1 book in the Gender and Sexuality category. Well at least for right now, Love is an Orientation is the #1 book in Gender and Sexuality, the #3 book in Gay and Lesbian Nonfiction and has an overall ranking of 5,209 out of the over 2,000,000 books on Amazon.

I realize that the Amazon rankings don’t define a whole lot in the grand scheme of things as there are many other avenues to buy my book (all of which don’t count towards the Amazon rankings), but for this period in time, the picture above that was captured by the “print screen” function on the computer does indeed mean a whole lot to me.

I pray each day that Love is an Orientation will be able to reach out across boundaries and bridge the divide by peacefully and productively advancing the dialogue to lessen this divisive culture war going on in the GLBT and conservative Christian communities.

Much love.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! ....and we've only just begun!!
Wait till it gets into the Christian bookstores & is given as gifts.
Wait till people read it & then get another copy for a friend.
Wait till the 'gay season' starts(warm weather) & it is available at gay events. It will be available at all the parades & fairs, won't it? Don't forget the leather competition around Memorial Day! :)

D.J. Free! said...

congrats, dude! i'm really praying your book goes far to advance the Church's thinking in this area!

P said...

I'm glad to hear it. Just made my order today and look forward to reading it. As for your book outranking the Kama Sutra, I guess that proves that love is more of an orientation than a 'position'.

Anonymous said...

just bought your book and should be getting it tomorrow!!! can't wait!


Anonymous said...

This is an exciting time to be alive; personally I have waited a lifetime (uh, *several* decades) for this day. Not to steal the new U.S. President's thunder, but I can relate to this as so many African Americans can relate to "the day they never thought they would see" with Barak Obama taking the helm as President.

And as far as the Kama Sutra is concerned: too funny! Perhaps straight sex has been overrated and venerated for too long. Just kidding...coudn't resist.

But, Andrew, this truly is a sign of something much bigger than any of us.

John Liotti said...

Congrats to you Andrew. I'm proud of what your doing and how you're driving an important conversation on reconciliation. Looking forward to seeing you in Jacson next month.