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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picking Up My Books—Part 2

These are 3 short videos of me on Monday March 30th at InterVarsity Press’ distribution center, as I complete orders for Love is an Orientation that were ordered through IVP. The first video is me filling out the shipping order. The second video is me packing and sealing the envelopes. The third video is me and my father-in-law packing the boxes of my book into a van to transport back to The Marin Foundation. Who knows, maybe I packed and shipped your order? Enjoy the experience!

Much love.


Anonymous said...

do u know when it will be in stores...and will it be at BORDERS or Barnes and Noble? otherwise i might just buy it off amazon. thanks!


Andrew Marin said...

As for what I know right now, the Christian book stores will be getting it mid-end of April. Also as far as I know (I will find out for sure on Monday, it will also be in Borders and Barnes and Noble in starting in May). If you're itching to get your hands on it within a day or two, you can order it through Amazon or IVP's website because I know for sure it's in stock in those places right now.

Anonymous said...


I just ordered your book from IVP this past Monday. Be assured that after I am through reading it, it will be on my Southern Baptist Pastor's desk, whether he wants it to be or not. lol

Seriously, I have already "prepped" him with your Chicago Daily Reader Article.

Thanks again for writing it.

Ron said...

Marin~ MAN, what a book!
I was totally engrossed. At times I was tearfully moved. Your book has given me direction. I am challenged, terrified, hopeful and encouraged. I have already given away nine copies and will be ordering more today. I definitely look forward to visiting "Living in the Tension."

Ron E.
Raleigh, NC

Andrew Marin said...

Ron - your words are so very, very humbling. Thank you so much for communicating them to me, and I appriciate it from the bottom of my heart. The Lord has done a miraculous work, and I am just trying to stay as faithful to His call as He is faithful to all of us. Much love brother...

Anonymous said...

Freaking awesome!!!! Congrats!