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Monday, August 10, 2009

Off the Grid

Hello! Last night I returned from a recent 3 time-zone, 4 city, 11 day trip where I had the chance to speak to 4 churches, a college group at the University of Michigan, non-profit board of director retreat and a Christian 'Think Tank' about the recent trends of Christianity. It was an extremely productive trip throughout San Fransisco, the Bay Area and Ann Arbor, MI, not only with my speaking, but also because at The Marin Foundation we're trying to put together various coalition of GLBT organizations and churches to start doing bridge building work in their own local areas. We found a great receptiveness to this vision throughout this recent trip. I will obviously be writing more about it as these various coalitions start to formulate throughout the country, but for now be praying for leaders to rise up and make this a priority in their lives!

Also, the lack of blogging is due to working on a new site for my blog! I hope you'll love it when it's up and ready to roll!

While on the road I usually have a wonderful opportunity to think and pray. I have been chewing on a few new thoughts, and I'm really looking forward to start posting my back-logged mind. I'm sure we'll be getting into a lot of uncomfortable conversations soon, and yet even as I write that, I remind myself that immersion into uncomfortable places over a significant amount of time produces growth ... and we're all growing through this thing together.


Much love.


Jeff S. said...

I'm looking forward to the upcoming uncomfortable conversations. Getting out of our comfort zones and growing in new ways is priving to be exhilarating and great things for the kingdom can come of it.

MBW said...

We've had some great follow-up meetings in San Diego since you were here in May... hopefully working with a couple new churches as well. The leadership your praying for is definitely happening down here!

I still hope to make a trip to Chicago around one of the 'Tension' gatherings and see firsthand your work up there sometime in the next couple of months... you've got an email about that. Thanks Andy!


Anonymous said...

It's been a long time without enough of a Marin 'fix' besides facebook. But I made it!
FB & this blog are awesome tools. I hope to see you in person sometime soon. Is someone in the office to drop in on & deliver more clippings to? I keep doing them & there is much press about the various topics we care about.
Mrs "T"