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Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Flip Camera Experiment

As you can see by my 'mug' looking at you in this video, I just bought a Flip Camera to start recording short bites of my life within this unique bridge building experience that the Lord has laid before us. I hope you enjoy this new way of interacting along side my written posts as well!

Tell me, what types of things would you all love to see through these videos as I move forward in this fun experiment?

Much love.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! It's like writing a letter via video & it arrives right away! I just love this new technology to send the old message!
Have a good interview!

Hanna Marie said...

yo andy!!!
ilove the video idea fa sho!
and btw, i follow u on twitter and try to respond to ur random funny twitters, but u dont love me sooo i cant send ya messeges!
and ummm we need to get together like ASAP. bc umm i wana be involved, ALOT and i have ALOT of time, and oh yea.... im cool too...
Enjoy south bend!
peace love and chicken grease!

Jon Trouten said...

I know Kelly Morgan! (different Kelly Morgan, but I know her!!!)

Your Kelly Morgan (the one I don't know) seems like a fun interviewer. :)

Love the Flip Camera. You have a very comfortable, confident way of speaking publicly. Very good skill that I wish I could do better.

Don't worry too much about your chins. You look fine! LOL!

Jon Trouten said...

Oops! Meant to publish the above comment under your other entry... I think I'm ready for this day to be done... oy....

Wendy said...

Sweet... love it!
Like the haircut too!
You're a natural on the Flip dude.

Love ya!