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Friday, June 5, 2009

Andrew Marin talking to TV Host Kelly Morgan

This video was taken minutes ago in the green room of Harvest TV's studios after taping 2 segments for their program. The host I am talking to is Kelly Morgan - I love her to death. She gets it, asked wonderful questions during the interviews and her family lives in the tension everyday as her two kids (one in majoring in it in college and one younger in middle school) are both involved in theater and production. Her heart was honest and I really appriciated her stepping out to have me on their program.

And PS - is there anything that motivates weight loss more than looking at how many chins you have?! Wow.

Seriously though, tell me what you want to see and hear through these videos so I can keep it fresh and relevant!

Much love.


urBenLA said...

love the Flip. you need to get a gorilla pod to mount it on a chair or something, so you can stabilize it so it's less shaky. love the content, though. keep speaking.

Kansas Bob said...

What a great video Andrew.. you are an awesome representative for God's kingdom.

Blessings, Bob

PS: Not sure if you know but (if you are interested) you can always remap your blog url address to something like it is pretty easy to do.. blogger makes it easy.. email me if you need help.

Anonymous said...

What else can I say? You know I'm one of your biggest fans already!
Keep praising & praying!
Mrs "T"