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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OUTNight Board Picture 1

The Marin Foundation has an event we call OUTNights, where we recreate my original immersion experience by taking straight Christians into Boystown to listen, learn and try to understand people's stories of faith and sexuality. There is no debating, no arguing and no proselytizing ... just a couple straight Christians going out at night into the various GLBT clubs in Boystown, trying to learn to live and love. One such evening we asked gay and lesbian passer-bys to write on a board to answer some questions. This picture is for the question:
What do you think of the Church?
Just take a moment to read their responses, some of which include:
Why Me?
God loves me and I know it
God loves all of us equally, we are all working on ourselves
He is my Lord and Savior
The Church is [supposed] to rejuvenate our mind, body and souls
These are real words by real GLBT people talking about the entity that I, and most of you reading this blog, represent. Let these words sink into our hearts, and let us pray that we can do everything we can to build this bridge to make sure no more people feel hated or betrayed. Once a week for the next couple months I will be posting a new picture with a new question ... let's see what happens?
Much love.

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