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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Have a Radio Interview Today - Revised

**Sorry if you clicked on the site to listen live and I wasn't on the program! I totally got the day wrong for the interview!!! Oops. I feel like an idiot. Although, I'm sure if you listened you did enjoy John and Susan! I'll fill you in when the new date is scheduled again.

Today at 3:40pm CST I'll be a guest on the John Hall Show on WORD-FM 101.5 in Pittsburgh. You can listen live on line by clicking here.

Much love.

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Mary Are said...


I just found you and your foundation today. I am humbled and very excited. I am a follower of Jesus and for a long time now have been frustrated and searching about how to bridge the gap between the Christian and homosexual communities. I recently "came out" as a Christian to my gay friends because I didn't want to be pre-judged before they knew "me." Nutshelling it: I've been wanting to bring this conversation to my church and have already to my small group, who also embrace this perspective. I have a niece who is gay and I have been stumped as to how to communicate with her. I've been a bit conflicted on some issues (Prop 8 in California) and have been wrestling theologically. I will continue to read through your materials. Yours is a foundation I can get behind and when I am able I would love to help support your endeavor. I would also like to find out how else I might get involved. In the meantime, may God continue to bless this work.

Mary Roy