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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Youth Specialites Weekly Devotional featuring Andrew Marin

This podcast, #1386029, (go to Episode #10) is the Youth Specialties Weekly Devotional that was just released:

"This week Adam McLane shoots on location in Chicago. First, Jason Raitz from Willow Creek gives some training tips for those who oversee small group leaders. Next, Andrew Marin shares a devotional about the prayers of those called to lead."

My new family Adam McLane and Cathy Nerenberg came to Chicago to film it (the dull noise in the background of the video is my building getting tuck-pointed), and while they were here we went to the world famous Ann Sather's for breakfast, and got in some great hang time at my condo and on my roof. Speaking of the roof, you can see the view from it to the left; and poor Cathy is scared to death of heights! Adam, Cathy and I totally hit it off while in Sacramento - and now we're quite the trio to mess with!!! Watch out world!!!

Much love.

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Jeff S. said...

Andy - I just listened to your podcast devotional. Awesome! I feel like I know you now, so I look forward even more to meeting you sometime, hopefully soon. Tears came to my eyes thinking of you in your ministry and how you will be a blessing to so many for listening to God's call in your life. Jeff