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Monday, July 20, 2009

Interview on America's Most Listened to Christian Program

I’m back from a WONDERFUL vacation (no Blackberry for 6 days was close to the best thing I’ve ever experienced!), and what a better way to be greeted back then by an interview on The Frank Pastore Show – America’s most listened to Christian radio program. I have been on air with Frank one other time, and it was one of the most intriguing and best segments I have ever done. Frank is a great host, asks great questions, and I’m looking forward to tonight. You can listen live here (click the Listen Live button at the very bottom of the page), or you can even call in and ask questions live as well, starting at 6:55pm CST.

Lots to talk about post-vacation, and I’m looking forward to catching up with all the comments while I was gone.

Much love.


Jon Trouten said...

I'm listening to the show on podcast. I still don't get the goal of your approach. Lots of discussion about ex-gays or when exactly one gets the right to talk with gay people about their negative thoughts about homosexuality. Or disapproving thoughts on pro-gay theology.

I can't stop feeling like people are just in this holding pattern waiting for people like me to get it right. To leave our same-sex spouses or to leave "the lifestyle".

Unfortunately, most of the interviews that I read or hear are coming from traditional Christian media sources so I never hear anyone call who's not trying to cope with having a gay kid or friend or who's saying that s/he's now ex-gay.

I really need to call one of these shows sometime from the perspective of a married gay Christian male with kids who has no intention of abandoning my familiy.

Andrew Marin said...

Hi Jon!

My approach vs. the questions and outside perceptions of what I'm all about are two different things. Whenever I'm on a conservative Christian show the questions will always generally be the same, because that is the perspective of where they're coming from - an "ex-gay" and "lifestyle" and against "pro-gay theology" place.

Moving a faith community in a more understanding, non-volitile, non-traditional direction (in my opinion) is beyond moving the Titanic. Why it has never worked in the past (in either direction) is because both ends of the spectrum are trying to convince the other they are right, and the other is wrong (what I call in my book as "living in a false model of the ideal situation").

My main thesis is that has to stop first, before (and I literally mean "before") any significant understanding, or even productive conversations can actually take place.

Therefore, meeting a community where they're at (whether conservative or GLBT) is the point of what I'm trying to do with these interviews - the conversation will not look the same depending on which group I'm talking to (although my overall message will be the same) because I'm not trying to talk past people and where they're currently at (as is traditionally done), I am talking to people in their current state of being and understanding.

And you do bring up a GREAT some point those shows need to hear your voice, because many of them don't believe people like you exist (even though they might conseptually understand you do exist). As corny as this sounds: when it's real, it's real. And you're real and so is your life and that you're not going to abandon your family. And for that I am ever appriciative in being in this journey with you (us), because a bridge can't be built from one side.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

I just heard the podcast & can see how Jon might be offended.
But, I am so glad you can keep getting on these shows. The word is getting out!
BTW, does the podcast end prematurely? It stopped before you said good-by or commented on the 'ex-gay' guy.

Jon Trouten said...

Anonymous: Make sure that you heard the second hour of Andrew's appearance. That second hour is its own podcast (if that makes sense...). I listened to a portion of the first hour live (and then left to watch the new season premier of Torchwood) and then listened to the second hour yesterday on podcast.

I don't know if it's that I'm offended. I mean, if that one guy wants to be ex-gay, that's his journey. But I feel conflicted by messages and sometimes feel like too many church people are reaching out to gay people. But their ultimate goal is the same: to de-gay people. Internet Monk seems like one of these folks, for example and it drives me nuts.

Andrew Marin said...

Jon - I think you hit it on the head when you mentioned the ex-gay guy. That is his journey. But what I think a lot of conservative folks miss, is that if they are willing to validate that guy's experience as legitimate to him, they must also do the same to you and your journey.

I was once told by an ex-gay person in their defense of being ex-gay: "it's not free will unless I have the option to go in the other direction." And he was talking about his freedom to want to be ex-gay. However what I said back to him is, "that is true, and it also goes for gay Christians as well if you are demanding that option for yourself." It's just one of those things that get overlooked in the validation/affirmation debate within the Church wanting to look at what they feel is worthy of validation.

Anonymous said...

I hte to say it, but Frank Pastori is really pretty homophobic and also extremely sexist. I'm surprised he had you on. he's from the group that believe women should actually be the helpmeets of men.

I'd call him a pretty hypocritical person. No lesbian or gay Christian ministers have ever been on his show. I suggest you talk to him about that.

We don't think straight people speak for us, we speak for ourselves. As a lesbian, the sexism of straight men is horrifying, and it's something you will have to deal with sooner or later, unless you just want to be focused on gay men...different group, different story entirely.