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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm Speaking at a Gay Bar Tonight

Tonight will be quite a night for us all. I’ll be speaking at a gathering called Elements, and they are hosting it at Roscoes—a well known gay bar in Chicago. Elements is an evangelical Christian organization who seeks to live life differently, in the places regular evangelical folks don’t tend to ever go. They bring in one controversial speaker a month, and hold the event in a controversial place that aligns with the speaker’s topic. So here we’ll be tonight at a gay bar, mixing up straight evangelicals with Roscoes normal GLBT patrons (and we can’t forget all of the folks from the different shades of faith and sexuality from The Marin Foundation who will be in attendance as well).

It will be a very exciting time and I pray the Lord uses this as a launching pad for other great connections to make significant bridges for the Kingdom. If you’re in Chicago, please feel free to come and by and experience an unforgettable night of productive dialogue!

Much love.


Jenni said...

Hey, how did this event go? Post a blog about it...I'd love to hear. And that is a rad picture of you.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you at the beginning. I'm sure it went well, but we want a report!
Have a safe trip!
Mrs T

Char said...

Yes, yes, a report. I enjoyed hearing you at Reba Place last week. We're blogging about it over at
Young Anabaptist Radicals

Anonymous said...

Char, I just read your blog.
I'm sure Andrew checks his blog & may read links. I'd like to also.
It looks so interesting!