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Friday, January 30, 2009

Gay Scientists Isolate a Christian Gene?

I really can't decide if this is funny, or so very sad. Either way it sure puts perspective on where our culture is at regarding the GLBT and Christian worldview of each other.

What do you think about it - funny or sad?

Much love.


Daniel said...

I am not sure but this looks like a fake video to me. I think it is supposed to be some kind of funny joke. Especially when they interview that old couple. Surely someone wouldn't think that if there kid had a Christian gene they wouldn't have to wory about teaching them about Jesus. I don't know it seems a little fishy to me.

Jimmy said...

It's a clear satire; I mean, no one- not even the gay community - would take a research group known only as "the pink tigers" seriously. Nonetheless, the video drew a few giggles from me.

I hear an echo of bitterness in this video. Do you think the creators of the video were trying to make a point? Or were they mocking evangelicals? It seems to me that this video would create a bigger rift between the Christian and GLBT communities. I see some evangelical watching the clip and responding with, "C'mon, there is no such thing as a Christian gene! That's ridiculous, about as ridiculous as a gay gene. It's all a choice." Meanwhile, I imagine a gay man disillusioned of the church responding to this video with, "God, Christians are so f*cking dumb. They can stay put with their backwards beliefs."

Overall, I'd say this clip - cute and clever as it may be - is not useful for much else besides reinforcing stereotypes.

Andrew Marin said...

Well, I guess I should have clarified that this video is indeed meant to make fun or one group or the other....I'm just not sure which one? Maybe both? Yeah, I'll stick with the answer of "both" for right now. And Jimmy I do agree - it no doubt just reinforces some bad stereotypes.

Eric said...

LOL, i thought this video was hilarious! I mean, cmon, the Pink Tigers? I love it!

oh and the best line is that the christian gene can be inherited... just like boredness.


OMGoodness, please don't take any of it seriously. It's so funny!

As for who is it spoofing - gays who argue that there is a gay gene or christians who mock the notion of a gay gene - perhaps both.

Perhaps everyone needs to just laugh at ourselves first so that we can all realize that we've been asking the wrong questions about this issue.

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Pink tigers? It sounds so ridiculous! I think this video is fake.