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Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Happens When you Dream Big and Fully Give Your Life to the Lord?

Crazy things like this happen:

(Picture of Andrew Marin speaking to a packed house at the NHL’s Nashville Predator’s arena at the Youth Specialties National Convention)

The word is getting out—the movement is happening—there will be a bridge built between the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and religious communities. All the Lord needs is just one person to believe it can happen. One person who is willing to give their life to the unknown. One person who cares more about living distinctly in God’s will then anything else. The Marin Foundation started with one person doing those exact things and it is growing with so many other “one persons” across the country who choose to live for God countercultural to what traditional secular or Christian means have ever known regarding homosexuality.

I never knew where any of this would have ever taken me—or us. But today, through our Heavenly Father giving The Marin Foundation team the drive and wisdom to push cultural bounds, we have been able to systemically start shifting the gay community and the church towards a place of peacefully understanding each other; coming to the table and being committed to not run no matter what—without ever knowing the end. As you read this, please commit with us in our unique work for the kingdom. The Marin Foundation has many opportunities for you to get involved, and we need your help in your own local community.

And also please, donate today to help our bridge building vision continue. The Marin Foundation runs 100% on charitable donations, and we literally could not continue without your spiritual and financial support. You can securely donate through Pay-Pal on our website at I know financial times are rough today, but any amount—no matter how small—is of the greatest significance to our work…God’s work.

Thank you so much for all that you spiritually, emotionally and financially give to seeing something happen that has never happened before!

Much love.


Tim said...

Hey Andrew, thanks for stopping by blackcoffeereflections and grateful for the part you played at YS Pittsburgh.

Will see you around and I look forward to checking out your book when it comes out.

Eric said...

hey andy, i'm honored to be on this journey with you.